The AIOZ Blockchain Vision

The AIOZ Blockchain Vision

AIOZ is a Layer-1 Media blockchain built on the Cosmos framework with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.

Our community of peer-to-peer nodes powers our Web3 Content Delivery Network (CDN). AIOZ Nodes collectively enable Media dApps built on Ethereum and Cosmos to deliver their content using the AIOZ CDN.

Built using the Cosmos SDK and running on top of Tendermint Core, the AIOZ blockchain allows the exchange of value within the Cosmos 'Internet of Blockchains' via the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

In addition to being integrated with Cosmos, AIOZ is fully compatible with Ethereum, enabling EVM-based media dApps and their assets to become interoperable with the Cosmos network.

AIOZ x Cosmos

The Cosmos IBC is a dependable and secure inter-module system for connecting, cross-chain transferring, authenticating Multi-Chain Smart Contracts, enabling Atomic Swaps, organizing data, and code sharing within the Cosmos 'Internet of Blockchains.'


AIOZ leverages the Cosmos SDK to allow developers to build sovereign, scalable, and interoperable blockchain applications. The SDK's consensus engine is Tendermint BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance), which utilizes the Proof-of-Stake algorithm and handles all network transactions and consensus-related communications.

Cosmos IBC

The industry standard for blockchain interoperability.

Low TX Fees and Instant Finality

Tendermint BFT can process thousands of transactions per second with instant finality.


Cosmos leverages two types of scalability: Vertical scalability via Tendermint BFT and Horizontal scalability through multi-chain architectures.


All blockchains with instant finality can communicate via IBC Protocols (InterBlockchain Communication), allowing tokens and data to be exchanged, unlocking the possibility for interoperability between blockchains with various applications and validator sets.

Well-Structured Codebase

The Cosmos SDK has a well-built organizational architecture with unique modules that enable developers to plug and play pre-built functionality such as Staking, Governance, Rewards and Fees, EVM-Ethermint, and CosmWasm Smart Contracts. Cosmos is designed as a multi-chain solution for networks of sovereign blockchains rather than siloed chains.

AIOZ x Ethereum

AIOZ Network is fully EVM compatible. Any dApp that utilizes EVM/Solidity-based Smart Contracts can seamlessly port to the AIOZ Network without altering any code. Once ported to AIOZ, these dApps can deliver their content using the AIOZ node Web3 CDN, benefiting from lower costs for the delivery of content and blockchain transaction fees.


Enabling EVM Smart Contracts introduces AIOZ Network's own token standard AIOZ RC-20 and NFT standards AIOZ RC-721 and AIOZ RC-1155.

AIOZ Network and EVM chains use the same algorithm to generate Ethereum wallet addresses. This means that users can access their AIOZ account with the same private key on EVM chains to store and manage their AIOZ assets.

User Experience

Seamless dApp switching between Ethereum network and EVM-compatible chains.

Developer Experience

Shared common Ethereum codebase knowledge, expediting the process of development, training, and debugging.


Users can access EVM-based dApps deployed on AIOZ Network with the lowest gas fees, instant finality, and fast block production.

AIOZ x Cosmos x Ethereum


Composability: AIOZ Wallet = One Private Key, Two Wallet Addresses.

Interoperable: Assets are interoperable across two blockchain ecosystems: EVM compatible chains and Cosmos.

Scalability: Infinite Horizontal Scalability with multi-chain architecture.

Portability: EVM-based dApps 1-Click Migration to AIOZ Network.

Interconnected: Secure Data Migration between AIOZ Network, EVM, and Cosmos chains.

Affordable and fast: Instant Finality, thousands of transactions per second, and low transaction fees.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ is a web3 media network that leverages node computing to deliver modern media. Learn more about our web3 CDN.

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