What makes the AIOZ Network tick: AIOZ Nodes Simplified

What makes the AIOZ Network tick: AIOZ Nodes Simplified

The AIOZ team has built a highly complex network, a fully functional decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN) that will allow media sharing and delivery to be cheaper, efficient and even open the doors to new types of content and monetization models.

While this may seem highly complex from a technical perspective, the products built on top of said network will be familiar and easy to use for the masses. An example of this can be observed through the AIOZ.Tube, a familiar video sharing platform that allows content creators to monetize their videos through advertising and to share revenue with the viewers directly. Cutting out the middleman and bringing both parties together.

This network will not only allow for developers and entrepreneurs to build on top of it, but will also allow existing businesses to seamlessly port their platforms through a “plug and play” model. Imagine decentralized Youtube, Spotify or Netflix with faster download speeds, better streaming quality, and, most importantly, new revenue streams for the content creators and consumers who will be able to connect directly with advertisers.

All of this is made possible through our decentralized network of nodes who will provide computational, storage, and bandwidth resources in order to store and distribute content as well as to issue and maintain the AIOZ native blockchain token, the $AIOZ Token which will be available for purchase during the BSCPAD and Ignition IDOs and later on several decentralized and centralized exchanges.

What makes AIOZ Network nodes tick?

As we previously mentioned, the concept of the AIOZ Network and dCDN can be overwhelming at first. However, This very concept can be simplified. Running an AIOZ node is easily achievable to anyone with a computer with an internet connection — Read our step by step guide on how to run an AIOZ node on windows here.

So, what do nodes do? Do put it simply, Nodes will download and upload media content, including images, video, audio and other types of media. These nodes will ensure that media can be distributed and will require the user to share computational resources in order to ensure a highly effective delivery system that is widely distributed and accessible throughout the world.

AIOZ Nodes will be rewarded for performing these various computational tasks for the network on which dApps (like AIOZ Tube and future ones) will run. These incentives will be distributed through blockchain technology. The AIOZ blockchain will be fully transparent and immutable: a ledger where all transactions and smart contracts can always be verified.

To learn more about nodes and the AIOZ Network in general be sure to check out our whitepaper.

About AIOZ

AIOZ is a Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ utilizes Blockchain to better content distribution through decentralization. A distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data instead of traditional data centers operating on a P2P model.

AIOZ uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust platform for content streaming making it affordable, fast, and of better quality.

By using this revolutionary technology, AIOZ can efficiently change the way the world streams content. Thus taking the world one step closer to the future.